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Museum of Wooden Sculptures by V. Ulevičius
Address:J. Basanavičiaus St. 36 (Kėdainiai District Municipality building, 2nd floor), Kėdainiai
Working hours: I–V: 10.00–14.00

Šventinėmis dienomis 2024 m. (sausio 1 d., vasario 16 d., kovo 11 d., kovo 31 – balandžio 1 d., gegužės 1 d., gegužės 5 d., birželio 2 d., birželio 24 d., liepos 6 d., rugpjūčio 15 d., lapkričio 1 -2 d., gruodžio 24 – 26 d. ) nedirba.
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FREE ENTRY to permanent exhibitions and exhibitions

The Museum was founded in 2004. at Kėdainiai District Municipality building. There are more than 50 oak sculptures made by the well-known sculptor Vytautas Ulevičius (born in 1934, living in Krakai (Kėdainiai district)) exhibited here on the subjects of history, mythology, religion, nature and work.